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Look, let’s “real talk” for a minute. Atheists are getting their asses kicked, even though we have all the evidence on our side, all the smartest people in the world on our side, and the truth itself on our side. None of that seems to matter much, we are still getting our asses pounded day in and day out by religious fools.

Why is this? Well it’s simple. Religious people freely give huge sums of their hard earned dollars to make sure their bullshit propaganda is spread across the world. You see these con-men on T.V. everyday begging for money from the gullible idiots who believe their lies; and they get it. LOTS and LOTS of money. Many “believers” have no problem giving 10%+ of their income to spread this horseshit.

Meanwhile, people like me who spend their time trying to spread the truth get jack shit (unless you count death threats). Atheists simply do not support each other very well. They are a skeptical bunch that seem to resent being asked to do anything. It’s a sad fact, but if things do not change and atheists do not become more willing to put their money where their mouths are and actually start financially supporting the cause, we will never win. The same bullshit that has been going on for thousands of years will continue. It’s as simple as that.

I know a lot of you can not speak out yourselves. Your jobs, friends, and family prevent you from telling the world how you truly feel; but you can still be massively helpful in this very important fight. Please give whatever you can spare, and I promise to do my part to make you feel like your donation was well spent.

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If you are able to support us on a monthly basis, please do. You guys are awesome and I appreciate you very much.

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