Hello, my name is Dusty Smith, and I want to fuck your daughter!


Hello, my name is Dusty Smith.

I want to fuck your daughter, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I want to play with her perky breasts. I want to slap her apple bottom. And while I’m at it, I would also like to fuck your wife, if she is still fit enough to be attractive. In fact, fucking your wife and daughter at the same time would be ideal for me. Kill two birds with one bone, so to speak.

What’s odd is, almost every straight man in the entire world feels this way, and yet few are willing to admit it. The whole point of  attractiveness is “fucking”, and when you see someone you are attracted to, that means you want to fuck them. Obviously,  you can  hold back the urge to fuck everyone you are attracted to if you want. You can weigh the pros and cons and decide against it, which is why I don’t fuck your wives and daughters (especially the ones under 18).  “The Risk” versus “The Reward” in our current society is not worth it; but if  the risks were lowered, and the opportunity presented itself, I’d fuck your attractive wives and daughter in a heart beat.

There’s a very good reason I am not ashamed to publicly admit this, and that is because my urges are not abnormal or unnatural. They are completely natural, in fact. These urges have been a driving force of evolution in animals for millions of years. The urge for men to spread our DNA on to as many “fit” females as we can  is hardwired into almost every single straight man on this planet. Just as finding the highest quality of male they can to mate with is hardwired into almost every straight female on Earth.

These things seem so obvious that it amazes me that I even have to explain this to anyone. It is only in a society as insane about sex as ours that we feel the need to lie to ourselves (and to each other) about this very basic and obvious fact.

Isn’t it time we grow up and just admit to ourselves that nature can not be sinful? After all, what kind of fucked up God would make nature sinful? It doesn’t even make any sense. Nature is so beautiful. And sex is one of the many

Wanting to fuck your daughter is natural.
Wanting to fuck girls of “breeding age” is natural.

beautiful things that are a part of nature. By denying the reality of our natural urges and turning these natural urges into something to be ashamed about, we are in essence spitting in the face of the laws of nature. We are admitting that our minds are so fragile that we can not admit to ourselves the truth about reality. We can not accept the truth that this is the way the natural laws of this universe propagate many species, including our own.

Instead we tell each other that when we cheat it is because we are “sinful” or “disloyal”. We are told that lusting after another person is a flaw in our own character. We are taught things that are very clearly natural are, in fact, unnatural.

Well I call bullshit on you,  society. I call bullshit on this obvious fucking lie you keep spreading. My urges are not something to be ashamed of. My urges are not unnatural. I am not ashamed of them. I am not afriad to admit it to the world. Hello, my name is Dusty Smith, and I want to fuck your daughter!