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* Please note that there is an additional $3 for sizes larger than LARGE *

* No shipping available outside of the US or Canada *

Our shirts are not painted until you order them, so I literally custom make each one specifically for you. Simply head on over to our Web Store , and pick your design.

Be sure to include the DESIGN, your SHIRT SIZE, and COLOR preference (please include a first choice as a backup second color choice) in a separate email or the “note” section of your Paypal purchase.

For sizes S through XL, we carry ringers in charcoal (dark grey) and light blue. If the ringer-style is not in stock, a plain style tee will be substituted.

For sizes XL and larger, only the PLAIN TEE STYLE is available (an additional $3 charge is added for these larger sizes).

If the color you want is not listed, no worries. Since we do not get the shirts until your purchase is made, we can generally get what color you want, so just let us know your preference.

Shipping is free to anywhere in the continental United States and Canada. Unfortunately, we do not offer shipping to other countries.

All purchases go towards supporting the Cult of Dusty channel, which allows me to spend more time working on videos and spreading the message of atheism. So what are you waiting for?

Support the Cult today!





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